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School Re-opening Following Coronavirus Closure

Returning to School

I hope that you and your children have enjoyed a relaxing summer break!  Since March, school has been very different.  I would like to thank everyone in our school community for responding positively in very difficult circumstances.  Staff, pupils and parents alike showed patience, understanding, perseverance, flexibility and great dedication.  Throughout the crisis, we remained open for many children and on our busiest days in the summer term we accommodated over 90 children.  This experience can give us great confidence when more children return to school.  It can be done!  Also, it was great to see so many extra children come in for transition sessions on the field in July. We hope that it helped them to feel part of the school and more prepared for returning to school in September.


As you will have seen in the news, the government is planning for all children to return to school in September and I am looking forward to seeing everyone back at St Mary’s.  However, things will not quite be back to ‘normal’.  It is important to prepare children by discussing what school will be like in advance.  It will also really help them if they have lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement, for example talking about what they are looking forward to!


Please see the letters below for information on what school will be like.  Although it may seem complicated, I am certain that we shall all soon get used to different routines just as we did last term.  The children who were in school adapted surprisingly quickly and managed the new expectations well.  In truth, the arrangements are much the same as the summer term, just with more children in school.  The most important thing is that we would like to see the children back in school, socialising and learning!  This will be good for their wellbeing…and for yours! 


Please note that all schools have been guided to operate staggered start and finish times.  Although this may inconvenience some parents, it is national guidance and common practice in schools to ensure that 'bubbles' of children do not mix and to reduce congestion outside school.  We are lucky to have several gates, which helps to reduce congestion further.  The times for each class are below.  If you have a clash and need to drop off siblings at different gates at the same time, we advise that you drop off the youngest child first; the eldest sibling will not be penalised for being late!  These times include Nursery and Reception.  However, they will follow a different induction timetable initially (see the letters below).


Year Group

Drop Off

Pick Up


Nursery (Saplings)


12:00 or 3:30pm

Red – Main Front Gate

Reception (Ash)



Blue – Playground

Year 1 (Oak)



Red – Main Front Gate

Year 2 (Elm)



Blue – Playground

Year 3 (Beech)



Green – Top Gate

Year 4 (Rowan)



Green – Top Gate

Year 5 (Chestnut)



Field – Double Gates

Year 6 (Willow)



Field – Double Gates


Supporting Anxious Children


If you or your children have any worries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  You can email or your children's teachers using their class email address.  Also, you can contact our Pastoral Support Worker on


If your children are anxious about coronavirus or worried about coming back to school, the links below may be helpful. 

Collective Worship in School

The children who have returned to school still have collective worship with all the other children regularly.  We use the interactive whiteboards in the classrooms to make sure we can see everyone.  Here is a recent worship you can watch to see what it's like.

PE This Term


You do not need to send in PE bags with your children.  This is to reduce the number of items coming into school and so that lots of children do not have to get changed together in small spaces.  Instead, we ask that your children come dressed in suitable clothes for outdoor physical activity on the days they are due to have PE lessons.  They will remain in these clothes during the day and do not need a change of clothes.  Suitable clothes may include:

  • Trainers for outdoor sport;
  • T-Shirt and shorts (these are likely to be the school’s usual PE kit although this is not essential at the moment);
  • Long trousers (e.g. jogging or tracksuit bottoms) and a long-sleeve top (e.g. a sweater or fleece) over the kit because the weather may be cool.

At the moment, all PE lessons are outdoors, which is better for preventing the spread of infection.  If children wear school uniform or PE clothes on the wrong day, please do not worry; it need not be a cause of anxiety and we shall work around it as flexibly as we can.  Please note that the children in the Early Years (Nursery and Reception) access outdoor physical play every day and can just wear school uniform as normal throughout the week.  We are not expecting swimming lessons to take place this term and will inform you when these begin again. 

The children will be having PE on the following days:







Year 1




Year 2




Year 3




Year 4




Year 5




Year 6




Home Learning

Please remember that you can still find plans and resources for home learning on the class web-pages.