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“Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34

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Art and Design

Intent:  Our Art and Design curriculum is designed to equip children with the skills and knowledge to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form and pattern using different materials and processes. Children will learn about the work of a range of artists, artisans and designers. They will explore, analyse and reflect on their own work and the work of others. A wide variety of stimuli will be used to inspire their imagination and give them opportunities for personal expression through a range of media and materials. Activities will be designed to build confidence and self-esteem, which in turn will support their mental health and wellbeing.

The ‘Big Ideas’:  Throughout the art and design curriculum inspiration, experimentation and expression, will be common areas of exploration, enabling children to both develop and broaden their skills.


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