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Safeguarding and Child Protection

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Online Safety

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Early Help


Fostering an open, compassionate and empathetic culture, in which children are encouraged to be reflective and resilient, will be sufficient to support most children, most of the time.


However, when an individual child does not respond to whole-class approaches or presents with more significant problems, it is important to identify this and to take positive action to meet that child’s needs.  It is essential that staff members intervene at an early stage if they have concerns about the welfare of an individual.  The support a child requires will depend upon the individual circumstances.  The school’s Supporting Children’s Mental Health and Resilience Policy details a number of ways in which staff members may support a child by giving early help.


Staff members will discuss with school leaders, the Pastoral Support Worker or the Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo) the strategies that they will use to meet the needs of an individual.


Pastoral Support Worker

If strategies used in class do not have a significant impact on the individual’s wellbeing, the class teacher may refer the child to the school’s Pastoral Support Worker for individual or small-group support.  Teachers use the internal referral form to make their concerns clear.  The Pastoral Support Worker may:

  • Communicate with parents to share concerns and find out more about changes in the child’s life and how the child presents at home;
  • Check in’ with the child on a regular basis to give them the time and opportunity to share their worries; Meet the child regularly to provide planned support, e.g. to improve self-esteem;
  • Work with the child in a small group, e.g. on developing friendships;
  •  Arrange for the child to attend a lunch time nurture group, which is led by a staff member.


 Liaising with External Agencies

Where concerns about a child’s wellbeing are very serious or internal school support has had limited or no impact, then the school will liaise with external professional agencies.  As appropriate, the Pastoral Support Worker, Headteacher and SENDCo will consult with one another and agree the best approach.  They may agree to undertake the following referrals:


Referral / Agency

Referral Completed By:

School Nursing Team

Pastoral Support Worker

Common Assessment Framework (CAF) form with the parent in order to access multi-agency support and intervention from the Early Help Team

Pastoral Support Worker / Headteacher

Counselling through a paid-for service, such as 4YP


Primary Mental Health referral

Pastoral Support Worker / Headteacher

Letter for parent to take to GP

Pastoral Support Worker / Headteacher / SENDCo


Child missing education
Child in Care