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“Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34

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School Vision and Values

“Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34


Unconditional love underpins all we do at St Mary’s Church of England Primary School.  We value and embrace the individuality of every child as they discover, learn and flourish in a place of security and love.


Love – We show love and care for everyone.

Opportunity – Our inclusive love ensures that all children have opportunities to live life to the full.

Values –  Our Christian values give children the character and strength to live well and make a difference.

Education –Through our inclusive, loving care, all children flourish.


Our school vision was written after consultation with pupils, parents, staff members and Governors.  We used perceptions of the school from within our community to write a statement that would guide all of our decisions and actions.  The vision is rooted in the Bible and the whole school community participated in a vote to choose a Biblical reference that truly reflects our school's compassionate ethos.  The powerful message of Jesus' love from John 13:34 is at the heart of St Mary's C of E Primary School.


The school's vision is underpinned by our Christian values, which are taken from 'Roots and Fruits'.  We study a different value each half term.  This is a focus for collective worship and is routinely reinforced in the classroom and throughout children's daily lives.  We refer to the values as Christian values because we illustrate them through Bible stories.  However, these universal values are essential for developing the character and moral foundation of all members of our community and we strive to make them relevant to children's everyday lives, exploring what the values might look like on the playground, in the classroom or at home.  Every week, we give out certificates to children who have demonstrated the school's Christian values through their day-to-day behaviour and the way they treat one another.


Our Christian Values













Look at the document below to find out more about how our Christian vision and values are connected and about the Bible stories we use to reinforce them.

Worship at Home

When children cannot come into school, we still want them to feel connected to us and part of our school community.  It is important that they continue to think about how our Christian values are relevant to their everyday lives.  You can use the videos below so that your child can participate in an act of worship at home.  In each video, there is a Bible story and a short prayer.  You can talk to your child about which values are highlighted by the story and ask them to think about how they can show those values in their everyday life.

Worship with Mr Frolish 'David and Goliath' - a Story of Courage

Worship with Mr Frolish 'St George and the Dragon' - a story about courage

Worship with Mr Frolish - 'Shipwrecked' a story about courage

Worship with Mr Frolish - The Easter Story - Part 1

Worship with Mr Frolish - The Easter Story Part 2

Worship with Mr Frolish - The Easter Story Part 3

Worship with Mr Frolish - The Easter Story Part 4

Worship with Mr Frolish - The Easter Story Part 5

Worship with Mr Frolish - The Lost Sheep

Worship with Mr Frolish - The Kind Stranger

Worship with Mr Frolish - David the Giant Killer

Worship with Mr Frolish - In the Beginning

Worship with Mr Frolish - The Marvellous Picnic

Worship with Mr Frolish - The Big Party

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