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“Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34

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Travel and Safety

Children are expected to be brought and collected by a responsible adult known to them. If there is any change to your normal arrangements, please let us know.


Where possible, children are encouraged to walk to and from school.


Bicycles and Scooters:
Children may bring their bicycles to school if they have passed the Young Cyclist Award. All children cycling to and from school must wear an approved safety helmet.


Permission may be withdrawn in the event of misbehaviour by any child whilst cycling to or from school.


Covered accommodation is provided in the school grounds for cycles and scooters; however, the school cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage. Parents are advised to provide suitable locks, especially for cycles.


Motor Vehicles:
Parents bringing/collecting children by car are requested whenever possible to park in the nearby public car park, which is only a few steps from the school. It is advisable to park only in the marked bays and not in the area reserved for coaches, as on occasions penalty tickets have been issued by the parking authorities. Parking and driving on the grass area opposite the school, especially in wet weather, spoils the surface. If it is necessary to drive up Stonehouse Road in the vicinity of the school, please do so slowly and carefully, remembering that there will be young children about.


Parents wishing to visit the school or speak to a teacher are requested to use the main entrance. All visitors to the school are requested to report to the school office; please do not enter the school through the brown gate into the courtyard. We have a security system which operates into the main part of the building and visitors will either be taken to see the member of staff or will wait in the main entrance to be met.