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“Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34

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Year 1 - Oak

Welcome to Oak Class!

We are Year 1 and our teachers are Mrs Ratcliffe and Mrs Plummer.  

Our class TAs are Mrs Harvey & Mrs V


Contact your teachers!

A message for the most amazing Year 1's EVER:

Keep going ... we are nearly there. The learning you have been doing at home is brilliant and those back at school have adapted amazingly to a new way of life in Oak Class. Every smiley face, every hand up, every worksheet completed,  every colourful drawing, every word written means... you never gave up! You persevered and made it through quite the strangest Year 1 there will hopefully ever be ... ? 

As we carry on through the next couple of weeks we will be talking about the future; the move to year 2!  The thought of this transition may seem harder than usual as we are all feeling a little unsettled already. But we know that this little lot of Oak class will absolutely take it in their stride. They are ready and will be supported to spread their learning wings and succeed as they move on up through the school...

If you have any questions as always contact us on SeeSaw or via the class email address ... 




A really useful book about coming back to school

This Week's Chat Challenge

Weekly Plan:
English: Tell me a Dragon ...


Which beautiful dragon described is your favourite and WHY?


What could your Dragon help you with, how would your dragon reassure you and make you brave? ...




Draw a poster explaining how you will train your dragon what will he have to learn to do. 


Thursday:  ZOG - Julia Donaldson

Read the book or listen to one of the versions.  What does Zog have to do in each Year? Think about how he persevered. What do you have to try hard at that you don't always get first time?  How does it feel when you finally get it right? -  and get a gold STAR! 


Cinema Treat:  Make tickets and a poster for a cinema experience this afternoon. 

Please do what you feel able to do. If you don't feel you can do what is set, please find other things to do. Twinkl has lots of amazing resources. If you need more support or guidance, please contact Mrs Ratcliffe or Mrs Plummer (there is a box at the top of our page to contact us). 




Monday - Alphabetical order

Tuesday: Alphabetical Animals

Wednesday: Alphabet object hunt

Thursday - Use a dictionary - Alphabetical Fruit

Friday: Tricky Word Spelling TEST

Choose different list from last week which will challenge you!  -  practise any you get wrong! 

Phonics Play Login still free ...

Forest phonics ICT games:

This version is tablet and mobile friendly. Use this spelling game to keep practising all your phase 3 & 5 digraphs


Practise high frequency words & new horizontal joins:

Numbers in Words - handwriting practise sheets:


smiley sit your letters nicely on the line.

smiley make your letters small and neat.

smiley letters should stay the same size as you move to the end of your line.

smiley your diagonal join starts from the flick and goes to the top of your next letter.

smiley remember descenders dip below your line ... but not too far surprise




Wednesday:  ART:  Paul Klee.

The Castle and Sun

Thursday: Dragon Quest 

Friday: Cinema Treat 

Watch ZOG!  - or any other dragon related film.

Write a review - Was it good? - Which was your favourite bit? Would you recommend it? - How many stars would you give it? 

PE Links

Here's a little glimpse of what you have all been up to ...