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Year 6 – Willow

Week beginning 13th July 2020 final week of school year.


Home learning plan week beginning Monday 13th July

Theme Park Project Tuesday 14th July Lesson 2

                Be Awesome Go Big

I am putting up the information for this transition task but will not be asking the children to begin this until next week (from Monday 22nd June) when it will be included in their weekly learning plan. This is to ensure that everyone has a copy of the work book. 

The document below contains the links for the power point presentation for each session; look at each session in turn and then complete the appropriate session in the booklet.

For children at home it would be helpful if they could have some adult support to discuss the content; but I understand that this may not be possible for some parents. 


Be Awesome Go Big Links to Power Point Presentation

Learning Plan week beginning Monday 22nd June

Weekly learning Plan 15th June 2020

Daily work sheets will be added each morning on Seesaw. 

Weekly learning plan Monday 8th June


Work for music is on Seesaw.

Monday 1st June

Hello and welcome to the last term of this academic year.

I hope you have had an excellent half term break and that you are all well. I am looking forward to seeing a couple more of you over the next few days and hope to hear from everybody either via the class email or on SeeSaw to show me how you are getting on with your learning at home.

I am attaching the weekly plan this is the work children who will be returning to school are completing. If your child is in the Blue Bubble (Thursday/Friday) please encourage them to have a look at the work on line.

Don't forget to contact me via Seesaw, I will still be looking at your messages.

Mrs Dunham 

School Re-Opening Monday 1st June 2020

The attached letter below gives you details about how the part-time return has been planned, which coloured "bubble" your child is in and which days they would return if you choose to send them back.

Some year 6's have already been attending school and therefore they will be in the "bubble" with the other key workers. This is the green group.

The hardest part for our year 6's will be the understanding that they will not (as it stands at the moment) be able to mix with all of their friends - even those that are in school. The "bubbles" are important to reduce the number of people that have contact with each other and this is paramount for reducing risk.

The "bubbles" in year 6 Yellow (Monday and Tuesday) and Blue (Thursday and Friday) at the moment are very small so it will seem a little strange for those returning we do hope the numbers may grow if some more children gradually return. 

The planning on the class page and SeeSaw will remain similar and will be taught in class also. I will endeavour to remain in contact with the children on SeeSaw too so they can still feel connected to us both. 

If you have any questions about the part time return for year 6 please do not hesitate to contact us on the class email or on SeeSaw! 

We understand and appreciate each families decision and the choice you make needs to be absolutely right for you. Keeping your children happy, safe and learning is achievable both ways! 


Tour of Year 6 classroom for re-opening Week beginning Monday 1st June




Weekly learning plan for week beginning 18.05.20 is below with the lessons .


If want to keep active and want something different to Joe Wicks pop over to the school PE page on the website where you will find more ideas for keeping fit and active. Don't forget to do at least 30 minutes everyday. Some ideas are on the weekly plan.


This week all maths and English learning is using the Oak National Academy. Afternoon activities are on Seesaw. Please see the weekly plan for more details. 


Learning Plan Week beginning 18th May 2020

Monday 18th May 2020

Tuesday 19th May

History - Homes in the 1960s.

Wednesday 20th May
Thursday 21st May
Friday 22nd May
Week beginning 11th May

Maths Wednesday 13th May

Friday 15th May

English is via the link below to BBC daily lessons the worksheet is on Seesaw for you to complete.

Investigate the life and work of British artist Bridger Riley.

Write a short profile of her life and work. Remember to include important facts about her and her art work.

Produce a piece of black and white art in her style.

Welcome to Willow Class!

We are Year 6 .

Our class teacher is Mrs Dunham.

Mrs Wells is the class HLTA.


Our class email address is 


School Closure - Home Learning


Please sign up for the See Saw app for your child contact me via email for their pass code. Daily tasks will continue to be posted on the website. Please don't think all work has to be printed out- by using See Saw your child will be able to use the app to write directly on the sheets if they would like to. They can also send their work, photographs etc via the app. 


If you have any questions or are feeling stuck don't worry. Send an email to the address above and I will get back to you. Emails will only be responded to during normal school hours. Remember to use the websites I have put on our class page.

Most importantly keep safe, keep healthy! 

Best wishes Mrs Dunham and Mrs Wells




Keep In Touch

You can email me with questions about the work or send me photographs to share on the website of activities you have been doing or examples of any work you have completed. It would be lovely to hear from you. I might even share some of what I've been doing.

Reading Stars for week 27.04.20 to 01.05.20


Well done to

Alfie, Imogen and Maisie for completing a quiz  on AR.

Alfie extra mention for doing 2 quizzes this week! 




Times Table Rock Stars for week 27.04.20 to 01.05.20



Most Valuable Players Rhianna, Jude and Evans.

Well done to these Times Table Stars



This week I would like you to challenge each other to see who is Willow Class Times Table Star of the Week.

Home Learning for week beginning Monday 11th May 2020


New resources will be added - try to do as much each day as you can it is important to keep as much as possible to your normal school routine for when you do eventually return to school. Remember your parents will try to help you if you get stuck but don't worry if they can't. Just have a go at the work and do what you can do. Most importantly keep reading and testing your times tables.

Use  email/See saw to contact me for help or to share work; it was lovely to hear from you.


The weekly plan and any documents you need are below. I will add more work on a daily basis for later in the week. With the English and reading activities some of it is revision so you can choose what you want to do. Remember it is better to do little and often.


Maths I am trying to follow Maths No Problem which is what we use in the classroom, however this is not always possible due to the content so am finding alternative activities for the children to do. Again encourage your child to have a go but remind them they do not need to worry about doing everything.






Home learning Plan Week Beginning Monday 11th May

Monday 4th May 
Today's work is available via BBC bitesize and The National Academy. Links  are on the learning plan and, below

English Tuesday 5th May

Click the link on the learning plan to access lesson newspaper at the National (Oak) Academy website.

You will need pen/pencil and paper for the activities.

Wednesday 6th May


Today's maths and English learning are on line activities so no work on See saw:  you can still contact me via See saw today.


Thursday 7th May



Maths challenge activities

Go to See saw for an example of how to use a table to find the answers to the challenges.


Look out for the image of the day on See saw. 



Click on the link on the learning plan for today's lesson from The National Academy. 

Monday 27th April work sheets on See saw

Answers for this weeks maths will be on the website this afternoon for you to check your work.

Learning Resources for school closure.

Below is a list of resources etc. to support you and your child during the school closure.


Useful websites for home learning.


Each day the answers for the maths work will be posted.

Home Learning - Useful Websites free to use.

Work inspired by Wassily Kandinksy

Harry Potter Writing A Howler

New resource for home learning: Music


I have created a log on password and user name for everyone to access music lessons through Charanga, if you would like to be able to do some music at home please email me at the class email address and I will send it to you.   

Additional resources-these are free resources to use at home.

Examples of work completed by Willow Class

London Fact Files